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Little drops of heaven

aedel CBD oil is the cornerstone of what we offer; Crafted with a full spectrum, you’ll have access to the full range of cannabinoids present in the natural hemp plant. Our CBD oil strengths range from 500-2,000mg and come in a natural hemp flavor.


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aedel CBD balms & lotions also harness the power of full-spectrum CBD extracts to deliver a healthy glow & deep nourishment for those with sensitive skin, soreness, dryness, and more.


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our vision

We envision a world  where all people will be able to live long, strong and healthy lives with the help of natural hemp and all the opportunities it holds. 
A world where hemp is loved for it’s goodness, because we believe nature knows how to heal and  empower;
…that Nature holds hope in hemp that is for the world to discover. That’s why we dream of bringing balance to the world in a way that both creates better lives, and a cleaner planet.

We call it breaking good